The Battles

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The Battles


The Battles of the Greco-Persian Wars were fought at key locations by fearless men going into battle not knowing if they would last till the next day. The art in this collection focuses on the bloodshed and the tactics used by the opposing armies to try and out-maneuver each other.

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Battle of Thermopylae
This painting depicts the gruesome Battle of Thermopylae and shows the Persian army running into the Greek Phalanx and dying by the thousands.
Without art like John Steeple Davis's piece, the bloody battles might fade into oblivion because war is…

Battle of Salamis
This painting shows the pure chaos Themistocles caused for the large Persian ships, and his strategy to lure the Persian fleet into the straits if Salamis was a blow to the Persian's invasion.
This battle effectively cut off the Persian supply line,…

Scene of the Battle of Plataea
This painting shows the Greek Phalanx going against the Persian foot soldiers and the phalanx is stronger because of the metal shields and long spears used to keep the Persians at
The Battle of Plataea was the end of the Persian…

Mycale Map
The Persian forces were condensed into a beach encampment, with the allied Greek World staring them down. The Athenian forces charged forward and trapped the Persians in their camp, while the Spartans flanked around and attacked from the back.
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