The Soldiers

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The Soldiers


The leaders were key in strategizing battles, but these soldiers where the ones that actually fought sword to sword against one another, with only a few leaders actually carrying and using weapons, like Leonidas I or Mardonius.

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Persian Immortals
Persian Immortals were fierce soldiers that had nicer armor and better training than the rest of the army, like ancient Seal Team 6, and they were the group that flanked the Spartan Phalanx at Thermopylae.
These elite soldiers were sent out as a war…

Spartan Hoplite
Spartan hoplites, typically wearing red, were fierce soldiers that lived, breathed, and died warriors. Three hundred Spartans, with the help of other Greek soldiers, held off Xerxes at the battle of Thermopylae. The rest of the Spartan forces marched…

Athenian Hoplite
Athenian soldiers, typically wearing blue, were not life-long soldiers as Sparta, but their navy was unmatched, and their hoplites were as brave as Sparta's when needed. Athenian soldiers were the powerhouse of the naval victories during the…

Persian Warriors
Persian archers numbered in the thousands and gave the Persian army an advantage in land battles because of their sheer number. Archers are thought to have dealt the final blows to the Spartan 300, including Leonidas. The Persian Archers were so…

Meeting of the Ionian fleet and the Persian army
The Ionians were clusters of people in Modern-day Turkey, but were never a united city-state like Sparta or Athens. These peoples fell to Persia first because of their location and lack of unity, but led a revolt after being enslaved that helped win…

Athenian Fleet of Triremes
The Athenian Fleet was smaller and newer than the Persian Fleet, but the strategic maneuvering of Themistokles of Greece led to important victories at Salamis and Mycale.

Death of the Persian admiral Ariabignes early in the battle
The Persian fleet was much larger, consisting of both bigger ships and larger numbers, but that played to their downfall at the Battle of Salamis. These larger ships were turned all around and easily boarded and defeated at the hands of the Greek…
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